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Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India 2020

Are you looking for the Best Room Heaters? So guys, this article for you. Because in this article, we have told you about the Best Room Heaters in India. All these products have been chosen after much research. In this, we have imported more Power consumption, heating temperature, brand features. So let’s tell you to start the Best Room Heaters in India for your home.

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List Of Best Room Heaters in India 2020

Type (Fan, Infrared Or Oil)


Bajaj Majesty Room Heater   Fan 2000-Watts  2-year Check Price
V-Guard Room Heater Infrared   800-Watts 1-year Check Price
Havells OFR Room Heater Fan  2900-Watts  1-year Check Price
Maharaja Whiteline Plastic Room Heater Infrared   800-Watts  1-year Check Price
Usha Heat Convector Room Heater  Fan 2000-Watts  1-year Check Price

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Best Room Heaters in India 2020 Detailed Review

1. Bajaj Majesty Room Heater

Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India 2020

Bajaj is one of the largest service centers across the country. If you need a room heater with premium quality, performance and reliability, this is your purchase.

Like other convection room heaters, Bajaj Majesty also uses fans to circulate heat. It is a 2000 watt power heater that can heat a room of up to 200 square feet.

It is equipped with two thermostat settings – 1000 W and 2000 W. Therefore, you get the facility to adjust the room temperature according to the weather. In summer, you can use the convection fan as a regular fan.

The design is aesthetically pleasing. It not only looks sophisticated, but is also very safe with children and pets. The outer body is cool-to-touch to protect your hands from accidental burns.

Internal safety characteristics include a thermal cut-off that automatically turns the device off if internal components ever reach unsafe temperatures. There is also a thermal fuse for additional protection.

Due to its size, you can store it anywhere inside the cupboard or under the bed. It offers two modes of installation – horizontal and vertical. Unfortunately, it lacks a carrying handle. Therefore, when it is hot, moving it from its location can be quite dangerous.

The best thing with the Bajaj Majesty RX11 is the 2-year warranty, which ensures its solid build quality. In addition, Bajaj has several service centres; You are likely to find one near your location. A customer has said that the plug is smaller than expected. Well, you need to install a 16-ampere socket for this 2000 watt heater.

  • Instant warm air
  • 2-year warranty
  • Thermal cut off, cool-to-touch body
  • Solid build quality
  • Premium looks
  • Two-way installation facility
  • Absence of the carrying handle
  • Noisy fan

2. V-Guard Room Heater

Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India 2020

V-Guard is a reliable manufacturer of voltage stabilizers, inverters, switchboards, etc. Their room heater is ideal for small rooms and comes at a very reasonable price.

The infrared room heater comes with two heat radiation bulbs made of quartz. The 800 watt power heater is sufficient for small rooms with 100–110 sq ft of space.

There are two thermostat settings – 800 W for two bulbs and 400 W for one bulb. Depending on the weather, you can switch off a bulb, allowing only 400 watts of electricity to be used and saving power consumption.

It is inexpensive, incorporating safety features such as tip-over safety switches to cut power connections in case of device tips to protect against accidents.

It also has overheat protection. Therefore, if ever exceeds the safety point, the device itself is programmed to down.

It is compact, lightweight, and portable. Take extra precautions when the device is powered on. It is hot enough to burn your hands. The best way is to wait until it cools down and then move it to another location.

  • Inexpensive
  • Dual thermostat settings
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Compact and portable
  • Overheat protection
  • Only a few customer service centers
  • Flimsy outer case

3. Havells OFR Room Heater

Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India 2020

Oil-filled heaters are more expensive than any other type. They hold the heat for a long time; They are safe and work great for large rooms. Then this is the best option for you.

It is a 2500 watt power oil filled room heater with an additional 400 watts for fans that you can use as a convection heater for instantaneous hot air circulation. It is ideal for rooms of medium to large sizes of 250 sq ft or more.

It comes with 11 oil-filled wings that radiate heat long after the device is switched off. Three different power settings — 1000 watts, 1500 watts, and 2500 watts, allow you to set your desired temperature.

Talking about safety features, the device has a tip-over safety switch and overheat protection. The outer case is made of premium quality plastic, which remains cool during working to avoid any accidents. In addition, it includes a dust filter to prevent dust particles from entering the fins, making it easier to clean.

For easy transport, the heater includes four castor wheels. Coming to design, the device looks expensive and very elegant. The combination of black and gold makes it with every room decor.

  • Total 2900 Watt room heater
  • Includes a fan for spot heating
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Overheat protection
  • Dust filters
  • Wheels for maneuverability
  • Expensive
  • The build quality could have been better

4. Maharaja Whiteline Plastic Room Heater

Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India 2020

Here is another small budget room heater in the Maharaja brand list. Considering the quality and performance, it is a good product at a reasonable price.

ISI has approved an 800 watt infrared room heater, which is efficient in keeping a small room (100-110 sq ft) warm and comfortable. It consists of two quartz (nickel and chromium) tubes instead of fans, which heat and radiate throughout the room.

You can adjust the temperature with two thermostats settings — 800 watts, which illuminates two quartz tubes for maximum heat; 400 watts, which lights a tube to circulate less heat. Thus you can always save a comfortable room temperature as well as monthly electricity bills.

Although it is inexpensive, it includes safety features such as tip-over safety switch, thermal cut, easy to carry handle, etc. The outside grill can be very hot, so be careful when moving it from one place to another.

The design is elegant, and the metallic finish will easily blend in with the décor of your room. The Maharaja Quattro Heater comes with a 1-year warranty on the product, excluding quartz tubes. This means that if you damage the tubes in any way, you will have to pay their actual price.

  • Affordable
  • Two thermostat settings
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • ISI approved room heater
  • Carry handle
  • Will not last long
  • The quartz tubes will get dimmer with time

5. Usha Heat Convector Room Heater

Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India 2020

Indians have great faith in the brand Usha for home appliances, as they are one of the oldest manufacturers of these items. Usha 423 N room heater is ISI approved, versatile, durable and portable.

It is a 2000 watt convection room heater. It uses a fan to rapidly circulate hot air within a few minutes. The maximum hot area, as stated by the manufacturers, can be 150 square feet.

Unlike others, Usha 3 provides thermostat settings, so you can always set the room temperature according to your comfort and convenience.

In the coldest climate, set a setting of 2000 watts to get heat immediately, set a setting of 1330 watts at moderate cold temperatures, and a 665 watt setting to reduce power consumption on hot days. In addition, there are 2 levels of speed adjustment for the fan.

For safety, it has a thermal cut-off that will shut down the device before reaching unsafe temperatures. Its a nighttime indicator. The height for this particular room heater is adjustable. Unlike the Bajaj, it includes a handle for easy transfer.

  • Spot heating of the surroundings
  • ISI approved room heater
  • 3 thermostat settings
  • Dual speed fan
  • Thermal cut off
  • Carry handle
  • Noisy fan
  • Looks old fashioned. The design could have been better

It is the Best Room Heaters in Indian market.

We have carefully selected these products so that you can get this curated list of Best Room Heaters in India From Bajaj, V-Guard, Havells, Maharaja, & Usha

If you have any doubt about this article or any suggestion, let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you for your time on our website and come back for more exciting best purchase lists in the future.