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Top 5 Best Electric Tea Kettles In India 2020

Are you looking for Best Electric Tea Kettles In India?? So friends, this article for you. Because in this article, we have told you about the Electric Kettle. All these products are selected after much research. In this, we have given more import to a 360°rotational base, strong body material, Power wattage. So let’s tell you Best Electric Tea Kettles In India 2020

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List Of Best Electric Tea Kettles In India 2020

Brand Capacity Wattage Warranty Price
Prestige Electric Tea Kettle 1.5 liter  1500 watt  1-year Check Price
Pigeon Electric Tea Kettle  1.7 liter  1500 watt  1-year Check Price
HELICON Electric Tea Kettle 2 liter  1500 watt   1-year Check Price
Cello Electric Tea Kettle 1 liter  1200 watt   1-year Check Price
HAVELLS Electric Tea Kettle 1.2 liter   1500 watt  2-year Check Price

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Best Electric Kettles In India 2020 Detailed Reviews

1. Prestige Electric Tea Kettle

Top 5 Best Electric Tea Kettles In India 2020

For tea lovers, it is not good to drink outside due to taste and malaise. The best inexpensive solution is to capture and use the Prestige electric kettle in home and offices. Compared to others, Prestige Electric comes at cheaper rates to make the kettle better. A part from this, 1 year warranty is available.

The power indicator is located in the bottom half that lights up the device when turned on. After boiling, the auto-off feature is automatically turned off. Using the 360 ​​swivel base, you can adjust the position of the kettle according to your convenience. The elegant design with single touch lid locking feature locks the lid to protect the kettle and keep your kitchen clean. The large mouth supports the kettle and allows you to apply a brush or cloth to remove stains, coffee powder.

Final Verdict: Overall, the performance of the Prestige electric kettle is acceptable and it is best for housewives to handle things effortlessly. The 1.5 liter tank capacity is suitable for small to medium families. The only drawback is that you have to hold the button to let the water drain.

BrandPrestige Electric Tea Kettle
Capacity1.5 L
Materialelegant body 
Special FeaturesAutomatic cut-off, Single Touch lid locking, Beautifully designed ergonomical handle, elegant body etc
Power consumption1500W
Weight300 Grams
Warranty1 Year
  • Automatic cut-off facility.
  • Consumes 1200 watts of power.
  • 2 liters of tank capacity.
  • Elegant Stainless Steel Design.
  • Cool touch handle with lid.
  • Get 1 year warranty
  • The auto cut-off feature does not work properly.
  • There is a need to long-press the button.

2. Pigeon Electric Tea Kettles

Top 5 Best Electric Tea Kettles In India 2020

No. 2 Kettele on our list of Top 5 Best Electric Tea Kettles in India is Pigeon 1.7L electric kettle. This electric kettle is made of the stainless steel body, so this will be much durable. You can easily boil water hastily, make tea and soups without any hesitation.

Hygienic SS Body : Now you can make hot water, green tea, lemon water, soups with Pigeon SS body kettle with less efforts in minutes

Single Push flip Glass lid: The single touch locking Glass lid mechanism ensures a quick seal to prevent steam from escaping and water to boil in no time.

360 degree rotational base: The 360°rotational swivel power base allows you to plug it in any direction with desired jug handle position. The base helps in ease movement to carry and serve the hot water

Auto Cut Off: This kettle has illuminated power indicator which glows when power is on and switches off when kettle automatically off. The automatic cut off feature cuts off the power supply, when the water is boiled. It protects the appliance from damage, making it safe and improves its lifespan of the kettle.

Cool touch handle : Elegant heat resistant handles make you for ease movement of your kettle and extremely durable in usage with no hassle

Cleaning the kettle : Use vinegar / lemon / baking soda as substitutes by filling 3/4 of water in your electric kettle.

Final Verdict: This kettle comes from a trustworthy brand Pigeon, so you don’t have to worry about the after-sale services and all. This best part of this kettle is that even after 50000+ ratings, this Electric kettle still stands with an outstanding rating of 4.1 / 5 across e-commerce websites.

BrandPigeon Electric Tea Kettle
Capacity1.7 L
MaterialStainless Steel
Special FeaturesEasy to Pour, Built-in Steam Pipe
Power consumption1500W
Weight1.7 Kg
Warranty1 Year
  • Elegant designed and sturdy product
  • The indicator light for easy monitoring
  • Winding Cord
  • Cord length is small

3. HELICON Electric Tea Kettle

Top 5 Best Electric Tea Kettles In India 2020

This is an electric kettle that is made up of the stainless steel body. It is our best pick for large capacity kettles because it is perfect for big families or long day picnics!

Aluminum die-cast Body: Now you can make hot water, green tea, lemonade, soup With less effort in minutes with Helicon Aluminum die-cast Kettle.

Ergonomic Design  Handle: Ergonomic design Handles gives the users a very comfortable feel while using it

360- degree turning base: The heating base is completely detachable and rotatable by 360 degrees, which makes it very portable to bring outdoors.

Easy to Clean: It has a very wide mouth, which makes it very easy to clean and to pour liquids inside it.

Secure locking lid: Has a secure locking lid that avoids any leaks, which makes it very user-friendly and safe.

Final Verdict: It is good with auto switch off that is really plus point because many a tines we switch on the device and forget to stitch off. Power cable is too short you have to keep it very close to the power source which is not very convenient, if you are OK with it good to have one.

BrandHELICON Electric Tea Kettle
Capacity2.0 L
MaterialStainless Steel
Special FeaturesTime and energy saving. Automatic power-cut upon water boiling, empty heating or excessive heating
Power consumption1500W
Weight1.04 Kg
Warranty1 Year
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Auto cut off once the water reaches to boiling.
  • Protection against Empty kettle is available the one I was looking for.
  • Base plate is sleek but strong to hold the filled kettle.
  • Stainless Steel body yet Elegant look, decorates the table.
  • Good quality hand grip.
  • Power cable wire is too short.

4. Cello Electric Tea Kettle

Top 5 Best Electric Tea Kettles In India 2020

This model does come in the black and Silver color as well. This is the best in class electric kettle which has a combination of every features available across all others.

Stainless Steel Body,: It has a Stainless Steel Body, with great handle ergonomics.

Water level designed indicator:- its comes with a water level designed indicator. Pull Lid Opening

 Reasonable water capacity: A combination of elegance and beauty with reasonable water capacity. It is powerful at the same time as well.

Wide Mouth for Easy Cleaning: The large mouth supports the kettle and allows you to apply a brush or cloth to remove stains, coffee powder

Final Verdict: It’s a very good kettle. It easy to clean and and use. 5l water boils almost in 6 to 7 mins. The cord is almost 1m long. It’s perfect for hostelers as is only 900 watts. You can make Maggie in it, but keep on stirring or else it will stick to the bottom and a bit oil in. It has automatic cut off system too.

Product Dimensions20 x 16 x 20 cm ; 880 g
MaterialStainless Steel
Power voltage230 V
Roational Type360-degree swivel base
Boiler TypeExtra fast water Boiler
Designoptimal spout design
  • Very easy to use
  • It’s very good product.
  • Built quality and all is good
  • Only problem with this product is very short Plug Cable

5. HAVELLS Best Electric Tea Kettle

Top 5 Best Electric Tea Kettles In India 2020

HAVELLS KETTLE Havells, a trustworthy name in the world of electronics, brings in a range of kettles to make your mornings quite relaxing. a kettle might be a small appliance but it’s definitely the best when it comes to convenience, portability and of course, brewing! Electric kettle by Havells is certainly efficient if we talk about its performance. Moreover, you don’t need to have a gas cylinder for brewing a cup of tea or coffee. Its handiness makes it a preferred choice of hostellers, hoteliers, people in general, sick people who need to have boiled water at times, and people with infants who need hot water time and again.AUTO SHUT OFF FUNCTION

BrandHAVELLS Aqua Plus Black
Capacity1.2 L
MaterialHAVELLS Aqua Plus Black
Special FeaturesAutomatic cut-off
Power consumption1500W
Weight1.07 Kg
Warranty2 Year
  • Good product.
  • Looks beautiful.
  • Water gets heated fast. therostat works fine.
  • Best feature is that kettle outer body doesn’t get too hot hence it is also capable to keep water warm for longer period of time.
  • A few users complained of the lid not closing properly and being of low quality.

It is the Best Electric Tea Kettles in Indian market.

Best Electric Tea Kettles in Indian Market Conclusion

For the low-price range kettles, our best pick is the Pigeon by Stovekraft Quartz ElectricKettle because it is very affordable and has a stylish design. Its design is very appealing to the younger generations.

For the mid-price range kettles, we will go for Prestige Electric Kettle . Because if you can do almost everything on it from boiling liquids to cooking a lot of different foods at a reasonable price.

If you have good budgets, go for HAVELLS Aqua Plus Black Electric Kettle if you are looking for a perfect kettle to use in making your beloved beverages. .

We have carefully selected these products so that you can get this curated list of Top 5 Best Electric Tea Kettles In India 2020.

If you have any doubt about this article or any suggestion, let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you for your time on our website and come back for more exciting best purchase lists in the future.